The Night Sky

By Gayle

On clear nights, I love to join into the universe of stars overhead. As I scan the vastness of the night sky, I can feel when a certain star begins to call out to me. This one star will simply appear to become brighter as my eyes touch upon it. 

That's when I halt my celestial scan, lock in, and begin a love dialogue with this momentary beloved. It never ceases to amaze and delight me to watch what happens next! Its luminous aura begins to visibly pulsate. At that moment I am able to feel its presence touch deeply into my heart in a very physical way.

Suddenly the star appears to move ever so slightly. The more I focus on tracking even its slightest movement, always in a state of great awe, the more pronounced its movement seems to become. Absurd as it might sound, it almost feels at some point that somehow I become an active participant influencing the pattern of movement that I am seeing in that star!

As our unified energy stream continues to intensity, I often see flashes of light, even colors shoot outward from the star's center. It is easy for me to imagine these flashes as the star's way of communicating with me. Could it be sharing cosmic secrets for me to later remember and know? Certainly that mystery intrigues me.

Yet, what inspires me most is how differently I feel afterwards. It is as though I can actually feel myself physically become the gentle vibration of a greater presence within me.

So what might explain this experience? Is this a star, a starship, or perhaps, even stranger yet, might it possibly represent a non-physical presence seeking human contact? Is it real or simply imaginary? I truly don't know.

Yet, what feels most important for me to hold onto, for now, is the realization of how my own love, sent freely out into the universe, someone comes back to me, perhaps to show me the immense power of my own heart to love and be loved. How I cherish my star family visits!

Today the night sky...tomorrow the world!