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{Lyrica shares a message from a group of Lemurian descendants from Telos, an underground city beneath Mt. Shasta. She reveals how she will lead the toning group to the Temple of Resurrection where Lemurian secrets and Galactic secrets are held and reveal the key to ascension. If you have never toned with us before – now is the time to leap into your greatness. }

Lyrica on Lemurian descendents

We will be guiding toning participants into the Temple of Resurrection where secrets of ascension, known to the Galactics and Lemurians are held.

Mom and I have been guided to explore a belief system that may seem very strange to most of humanity.  Yet I chuckle because so many directions that we travel are far outside of mainstream thinking.  As we drop our fear of what others might think, we become free to share some amazing things.  Allow yourself to feel what I am sharing before you discard it via your mind’s critical thinking.

A seer has accurately described a place called TELOS that I now have a deep and sacred connection to.  TELOS is an underground city beneath Mt. Shasta where a soul group that is very telepathically advanced exists.  They describe themselves as Lemurian descendants who are holding and living the science of ascension to share it with us at the appointed time.  They are asking me to share a message from their holy sacred site.

(Voice from TELOS:)

“We are very connected to all of you and the Galactic Realms of Light.  If you could only see and feel the love pouring out of the Earth that we send to you daily!  Any time that you are questioning your ascension as a timely event, whisper our name “TELOS” with a heart-warmth and open up to receive a confirmation frequency.

We are basking in crystalline Light and thrusting it upward into the skin of Gaia.  So you can ask for this resource and it will come to you.  Remember that the Galactics are also streaming Light down to you.  In your seat of soul power you can draw in both streams of Light to support your ascension process.  All you have to do is stand strong in your desire to know these two streams and they will answer your faith.”

(Lyrica’s voice:)

I know this truth well because it is so big in my life right now.  The High Galactic Temple of Light that has been created in our Grid is a safe portal to both the Light Realms above and below us.  We will be guiding toning participants into this Temple of Resurrection.  Here secrets of the science of ascension so known to the Galactics and Lemurians are held.  There is another doorway keeper of these science secrets that we will reveal in the near future.  For now we will be entering this Grid Temple to support a similar Temple to resurrect in each toner’s personal energy field.  This process secures an ongoing and grounded connection to the Light Streams that our souls so desire.

I ask you to sit in this Temple vision with me and let it seep into your heart in a most dear and sweet way.  Even if you cannot sense or feel this experience, simply dare to imagine that it will become real to you as you release your doubts and allow this possibility to soul awaken you.  I realize that it is very difficult to step beyond the world of form that you know as “real,” yet when you do… amazing things can happen!

Photo: Jose Marquez

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