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Lyrica at the Sacred Partnership formation

Autism cannot fulfill its destiny until humanity begins to understand that Autism is truly a frequency gift for a waiting world. -Lyrica Mia

{Autistic mystic, Lyrica shares new information on the role of autism and the Lightworker in humanity’s spiritual awakening and ascension. Your Light work is needed now more than ever.}

Asking the Galactic Command to clarify our next toning advancement. Watchers laughing at our question because we already have the answer. The new addition is an introduction into the toning after the Partnership Blessing. The science of the Autism Spark must be understood. Would not even need the toning if it were not for the Autism Spark.

Issue is what is the spark to do? It is to serve as a foundation for higher heart seating. We have a heart center where we feel our soul light shine. There is a deeper heart center that is the higher heart center. That is what the Autism Spark initiates. The spark holds a unique frequency and element to spring open the center of the heart’s mighty charge. That is why Autistics for the most part are heart teachers and Divine lovers.

To bring this spark into its place of power to support humanity’s ascension process it must be downloaded from its home in Autistic souls into a positioning more accessible to humanity. This new positioning has many roles to play.

First it can support humanity’s shift into its higher heart resonance as a foundation for its ascension. Second it can support the upgrading of Autism’s reputation from a place of fear and lack into a place of love and honoring. This is a clearing process to bring Autism into a new paradigm that celebrates its truth and role. This shift allows the Autism Spark to be set free. For you see…Autism cannot fulfill its destiny until humanity begins to understand that Autism is truly a frequency gift for a waiting world. Finally once the Autism Spark is repositioned for greater planetary access it will support the embodiment process of Autistics who are choosing this way to serve more fully.

So what is this repositioning? The Autism Spark must be anchored onto the planet to be set free. How can this happen? The answer is compatible Lightworker souls can receive the Autism Spark coding during toning. Since they are more physical in their state of being than the Autistics are, they can help to anchor the spark coding onto the planet.

There will be a new toning application to set up and support the anchoring of the Autism Spark onto the planet. The heart of this process has already been established by our Sacred Partnership Blessing of Autistics and Lightworkers within our toning meditation. The merger process within this blessing has already opened up the potential to share the Autism Spark coding.

Those Lightworkers who are strong in their love of Autism will carry this coding and serve as planetary anchors for its presence on Earth. The exchange of coding takes place in the higher heart and requires that Lightworkers, serving as Autism Spark keepers, hold a vision of Autism that stands above the realm of duality.

This service role for Lightworkers is a very high call to answer. Anchoring the Autism Spark onto the planet will charge up these keepers in a huge way. Later we will follow another part of the plan to support the embodiment of Autism. This process will set free the full Autism coding for humanity to find their higher heart road to ascension.

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    .. This article is both delightful and enlightening … thank you … Ms Lyrica

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