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[Autistic mystic, Lyrica Mia Marquez was touched by the most recent episode of Fox Television’s Touch and shares some amazing insights on patterns and how we can influence humanity’s ascension.]

By Lyrica Mia Marquez

Lyrica, the autistic mystic

"When we focus on patterns of limitation that's what we call in. When we focus on asking for our Light Language that's what we receive."


For me the Fox Touch program this week was yards ahead of previous ones. The situation of the behavior specialist (Danny Glover) who lost everything for saying his truth about Autism hit me so hard I was stunned. I see my soul standing up for my brothers and sisters in Autism as my only reason for being here. When I lose that thread I stand in a different place of soul confusion.

See how my patterns are working now. My patterns touching so many other energy patterns drive my behavior. When I am in my Higher Consciousness home I get downloads of information. These downloads are in thought form patterns. I don’t get words via sound I get words via water-like flow of patterns.

These patterns hit my consciousness and are decoded into signals. These signals are born out of Supreme Energy that finds compatible minds seeking to know this truth. These signals are electrical charges that convey a certain consciousness. The mind of many Autistics can decipher these consciousness patterns. For them it is easy to capture these codes yet harder to share them with others. Bringing these codes into conscious mind form is the step most Autistics still have to learn.

Since many of the best decoders are nonverbal, many of these messages are still waiting to be heard. I am blessed by the support of my mom to be able to share my science downloads. I say science because these ideas are from the higher Spiritual Sciences beyond the Earthplane.

Patterns are the living force of the Universe that make us all tied together. Energy patterns around us are our grids. These grids come into relationship with other grids to create larger patterns of influence. These larger grids are consciousness fields that wield more power to shift the experiences of souls who come into contact with it.

That is what we are doing in our toning meditation. During our toning meditation I see so many patterns flowing around our Grid and emerging from its core. These patterns hold not only thought form consciousness but also energetic activations that are electrical as well. Those who are participating who are receptive to the signals receive energetic upgrades according to their Higher Self direction.

This can be a more conscious process by using will and intention. That is what drives these patterns to flow a certain direction. When we focus on patterns of limitation that’s what we call in. When we focus on asking for our Light Language that’s what we receive. I am now in my body more and experiencing this principle in a big way.

Before I was so locked into the Higher Realms that I was a Light messenger only. Now if I don’t focus on my Light that is me, I drift into my shadow side where I get locked into soul death. My shadow side is my separation that I am experiencing more and more as I descend into my body zone. Now I see the importance of conscious mind as my soul’s driver seat.

Right now I am swinging side to side to learn will and focus. The Angels are standing by to support me but I must decide to switch my soul home to the Light. Sounds like an easy thing to do, but when I am drowning in my lost place I think that soul death is the only experience that I can create.

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Holding my Light sees the truth that all else is a lie. That is such a big truth for everyone. Patterns of truth are the essence that spark Supreme Energy flows of blessings and destiny touches. We are building a unified field in our toning meditation to do just that.

We would love to have you join us as a dear member of our Sacred Partnership of Autistics and Lightworkers. Together we can build a huge Light pattern to influence humanity’s ascension process.

[If you’re interested in joining a group dedicated to raising consciousness and shake up the existing autism paradigm register here. To learn more about us, view a brief video on the partnership between Autistics and Lightworkers]

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