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Is it possible that autistic people see angels? Or is it possible that autistic people are incarnated angels?

My name is Gayle Barkley Lee. Like many of you, I am a parent. While I was pregnant with my daughter I had many of the same dreams you perhaps had or will have. My dreams however, were swiftly changed after my daughter was born and I soon learned she was not perceived as “normal.” As an infant, her medical file grew from a rash of medical tests offering premature diagnoses: cerebral palsy, mental retardation and deafness. Sadly, after a family friend, who was a physician reviewed my daughter’s file, he recommended institutionalizing her. In hindsight, perhaps this was the best advice I ever received – because at that moment I vowed to dedicate my life to prove him wrong … and I have.

My daughter is Lyrica Mia Marquez. Lyrica was later officially diagnosed with severe autism and we were given little hope that she would ever live a meaningful and productive life.

Angel Seen in Autism

"Angel Seen in Autism" by Lyrica Mia Marquez

Today, Lyrica is 35 years’ old. She’s a brilliant writer, a gifted artist, my best friend, an enlightened being and my teacher.

It was only five years ago when I learned I was on the autistic spectrum, with Asperger Syndrome.

Welcome to the Angels Seen in Autism Blog where I’ll share insights which will shatter the traditional view of autism. I’ll explore a new paradigm, one which offers hope to those diagnosed with autism. I’ll share insights which reveal that many autistic people are walking this planet with a divine purpose – one which impacts all humanity – and offers a key to the spiritual shift now taking place on our planet.  I’ll also show that autistic people not only commune with angels, but they are angels.

Now that I’ve introduced “us,” feel free to introduce yourself and share your experiences about autism or spirituality. Of course we always welcome thoughts on our new book, AWEtizm, A Hidden Key to Our Spiritual Magnificence.

Big promises … stay tuned and soul blessings.

Gayle Barkley Lee

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    Looking forward to your new blog. Sounds exciting!

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    Hi Gayle

    I have had the pleasure of being around a few autistic children and they warm your heart as they are simple and innocent people. Today while at a store I met a young boy that was severly autistic and while speaking to him I felt an overwhelming presence of the Holy Spirit and I believe there are Angels that surrunded that boy. He was truely blessed and well protected by my Lord Jesus Christ. I came home and could not stop thinking about it so I decide to surf the internet to see if anyone else has had this experience. I came accross your website and I believe you are truly blessed. May God bless you and your family.

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      Thank you for finding our website and sharing your powerful experience. I believe that you had that remarkable experience because that young boy felt your light within and knew you were open and ready to receive his gift of Spirit, a gift that he has come here to share with all who are lovingly open and ready to receive. On behalf of all the “quiet ones,” I thank you for your wisdom, sensitivity, and courage to share!

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    Very nice, i suggest webmaster can set up a forum, so that we can talk and communicate.

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      Thank you for the suggestion. We’re looking into a forum, though we hear they’re becoming passe with the growing social media platforms. We’re all ears though, and listen to our followers. If there’s interest in a forum, we’ll do it!

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    Heya i am for the first time here. I found this board and I find
    It truly useful & it helped me out much. I hope to give something back and help others like you aided me.

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      Thank you for sharing and we honor you!

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    I have had a strong feeling of being an angel of the lord for way over a year and I ignored it untill I started haveing seziures during a night and then during a day as soon as I embraced this it stopped

    And I do just feel so good alotofpeople have said im a nice person they can tell I keep being drawn to church and have gone im only 27 but honnestly feel as tho I have been here before I recall events as tho I have seen them I belivei am a angel do I sound crazy

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      Karl, Lyrica too has seizures and I believe that they operated a bit like what you have described! Angel On!

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