AWEtizm’s Purpose: Shatter the old paradigm of autism and influence the shift in humanity’s spiritual evolution.

The Players: Autistic souls, their parents and care providers, and every being interested in raising the consciousness of our planet.

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By Lyrica Mia Marquez and Gayle Barkley Lee

with contributing writers Leslie Rau, Kellen Hunt, and Sara Orah

While scientists search to explain the sudden increase in autism, a new book sheds new light on a seemingly dark subject.  In “AWEtizm: A Key to Our Spiritual Magnificence,” Gayle Barkley Lee and her daughter, Lyrica Mia Marquez, share an unbelievable journey revealing a key to humanity’s spiritual evolution. Gayle, who is on the autism spectrum herself, successfully taps into the world of her severely autistic child and learns that Lyrica is an enlightened spiritual being here to help with the spiritual evolution and paradigm shift of our planet.

The miracles do not stop with Lyrica’s life.  In AWEtizm, it is revealed that when autistic people are awakened, they release sacred gifts of telepathy, spiritual healing, spirituality and mysticism, and live life feeling a sense of purpose.

While many refer to autism as a disability, a disease or a disorder – we think otherwise.  Rather than focusing on the cause and blaming immunizations we focus on hope.  Autistic souls have chosen to be here. They have a grand purpose and are here to help raise the consciousness of the planet.  Many autistic souls are waiting to release their sacred gifts.

Definition: AWE-tizm: noun  sounds like autism a/k/a awetism

Where autism and spirituality merge triggering the release and awakening of sacred gifts; when an autistic soul recognizes why they chose to live a life in autism, creating a sense of purpose and fulfillment; a hidden key to our spiritual magnificence.

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