​​​​​​As we enter into the magic of 2017, we feel a deep inner stirring for the freedom to soar into uncharted and unseen possibilities within ourselves. For it is here where we can discover "whatever" may lie beyond what we have, thus far, believed ourselves to be. For us, much of our vision of who we have believed ourselves to be has emerged out of decades of dedicated soul-living and soul-giving within the heart of autism.

We Invite You to Step with Us into A New Journey

From out of our human quest "to know" arises a startling possibility. Perhaps it is from a place of "not knowing" that we open up ever new and greater opportunites for our being and becoming. For it is here, where our next moment "to see" arises, and then quickly disappears, back into the unformed. Then organically, our next fluid moment "to see" will find its way into our awareness. Holding on to nothing within this ebb and flow, supports us "to see" and "become," in each new moment, an ever more rarified expression of who we truly are.  

To "not know" asks us to dare to let go of our own perceived identity, our story, in fact, all of our definitions of self that somehow lock us into certain ways of being, believing, and behaving. Strongly held opinions often become energetic blocks that can actually limit the vastness of possibilities for us "to freely feel and be" more of who we truly are, in each successive opportunity.

To this end, we invite you to join with us to dedicate, here and now, a new energetic portal within our being. Together we open up its powerful presence to assist us in releasing limitation, wherever it exists, so that we can begin to freely and simply "feel and be" more of "that which we truly are," in each present situation. Within this space we create an opening for many surprises to come forth...surprises that enliven and empower us to become ever-evolving and more wondrous expressions of our own loving presence. 

On behalf of all, we offer this soul-path intention as a way to know and share our immense love and compassion for ourselves, all sentient beings here on planet Earth, Mother Gaia, our Cosmic brothers and sisters, Divine Mother, and all the Heavenly emanations of The Light. 

In Loving Kindness & Divine Grace,

Gayle and Lyrica

A Blessing Note: Our present path of inspiration and illumination has been beautifully supported by gifted way showers...Suzy Miller, Jessica Martinson, and Thessa Egan. Gratitude to you 3, and all the rest of our family of beloveds whose soul presence continues to guide us and love us along each step of our way!

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In 2011 Gayle Barkley Lee & Lyrica Mia Marquez published AWEtizm: A Hidden Key to Our Spiritual Magnificence. It has awakened, in many, a new heart-based perspective that has changed their experience of autism and has brought forth a greater understanding of what it truly means to be human.

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